Chapter Two - The Four Realms of Prophecy - PART ONE

The Four Realms of Prophecy


·        To understand the major divisions of Prophecy, prophetic terms, and purpose of prophetic ministry.

·        Review of Developing the Prophetic Ministry by Frank Damazio, Chapter Two – The Four Realms of Prophecy

Lecture Notes

A.     The Four Realms of Prophecy are

  • a.     Prophecy of Scripture - Biblical revelation prophesied through the Old & New Testament prophets.
  • b.     Spirit of Prophecy - The anointing of the Holy Spirit that enables men or women who do not have the gifts of prophecy or the office of the prophet to speak forth under the inspiration of God.
  • c.      Gift of Prophecy - Revelation of the Lord brought by the Holy Spirit to teach, encourage, and comfort the Body or to exalt and crown the worship of Christ.
  • d.     Office of Prophet - A mantle that enables foretelling and confirmation of ministries in the presbytery with the laying on of hands.

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